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Ken Burnette , Morehead City NC

We live near Barry and Barbara! I love his music. He is amazing on the piano! I’ve talked to him about posting on TikTok but he didn’t think he would like it.

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About Barry....

Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Barry Humphreys displayed a natural talent for piano at a very young age.  After just a few years of study, he was able to play anything by "ear".  He could simply take a request and play it without the aid of any written music.

Soon he began to play his own compositions.  Family and friends would often gather around the piano to hear his own beautiful melodies.  His private "concerts" became an important part of any family reunion as listners would call out for beloved favorites.

After a lifetime of playing, his fan base has extended well beyond his family.  His music has captured many listeners who find his haunting themes and delicate refrains a delight.

Barry currently lives in Eastern North Carolina with his wife of 54 years and continues to create beautiful music 


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